Inside Show Lo’s Wild Parties

Inside Show Lo’s Wild Parties

Netizens spill more about what goes on behind Show’s scandalous parties, which attracted even overseas artistes.

Recently accused of long-term philandering by his ex-girlfriend Grace Chow (周揚青), Taiwanese popstar Show Lo (羅志祥) would allegedly gather a bunch of his brothers for group sex. While his gang, known as “Party Boyz”, has yet to respond, netizens on Taiwanese discussion forums have spilled the party chief’s criteria when selecting female companions, commenting that he has “strong taste”.

According to a netizen with friends who have taken part in Show’s party, the 40-year-old star does not need to actively poach girls for the party as this task is done by the members; he would take his pick once the attendees are all in. “A good figure and big boobs are the basic requirements. Chief has adventurous tastes and would rely a lot on his instincts. Sometimes, his choices are pretty bold.”

Girls Who Joined Keen to Climb Up the Ranks

Although the chief would always take his pick first, other members would follow his lead and “pick” from the rest of the girls, as “the remaining ones are still pretty good.” Many girls who take part in the party would feel that they have a chance to climb up and become the Chief’s official girlfriend, but ever since Show made his relationship public, the girls changed their targets to other members.

As there are members who want to leave the “group exercise”, the Chief became very unhappy and would demand a change of members, leading to many members joining and then leaving, and the eventual leak of details of how the parties operate.

The same netizen shared that the partying was well-known not just in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, but even foreign artistes would join in the “group exercise”. The source said, “In the past, there were no tabloids, so news wasn’t so easily leaked. Now tabloids are everywhere, so they would play in their own private mansions.”

Special Services Offered by Production Firm

The source also revealed that Show required “special services” while filming. On a filming set, Show was given a proper massage service but he was dissatisfied. In the end, he was offered “special services” to satisfy him. The star would always make payment personally and increase the money if repeat services are required from the same person.



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