YG Reveals The Cause Of iKON’s Junhoe & Jinhwan’s Accident

YG Reveals The Cause Of iKON’s Junhoe & Jinhwan’s Accident

Uh oh, iKON members Junhoe (준회) and Jinhwan (진환) were involved in a minor car accident earlier on Monday (13th July), at 3:40am (2:40am local timezone).

Kyungnam Domin initially reported that the van fetching the K-pop idols skidded on the slippery highway, causing it to crash into a retaining wall.

Source: Kpopchart.net

Thankfully, they suffered only minor injuries and received medical treatment at a hospital nearby. According to the news outlet, the police found that the vehicle driver was driving under influence. Currently, the case is under police investigation.

Soon after the reports came to light, a number of enraged iKON fans (known as iKONICs) called the group’s label YG Entertainment out for their lack of immediate response to address the incident. Most of them also took to Twitter and trended the hashtag “YGProtectiKON” to vent out their disappointment towards the company.

After facing tons of backlash from avid followers of the “Love Scenario” jam-makers, YG finally released their statement of what happened, nearly 30 hours after the incident! Read what they said here:

“We’ve confirmed that the iKON members (Junhow and Jinhwan) were involved in an accident on 13th July on Route 3 heading from Sacheon to Namhae. According to the doctor, the injuries sustained by the driver as well as the members were minor. After receiving emergency treatment, they are currently resting at their dorm. 

Even though we have strict internal regulations about drunk driving, we feel deeply responsible and very concerned about this accident. We will carry out a thorough investigation and take severe measure where appropriate. The driver will also faithfully participate in police investigations.”


Source: AllKpop

YG concluded by “sincerely apologising” for causing concerns among fans of the boy group.

Source: Soompi.

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