Lana Nodin & Rita Rudaini Hit Out At Haters Now That Interstate Travel Is Allowed

Lana Nodin & Rita Rudaini Hit Out At Haters Now That Interstate Travel Is Allowed

Over the last few months, local celebs Lana Nodin and Rita Rudaini have often been the subject of controversy and online criticism after being accused as anti-vaxxers. Apparently, the spotlight is back on them soon after the government decided to resume interstate and international travel beginning this week.

Recently, the 41-year-old celebrity Lana Nodin (who’s currently residing in the US with her husband and her two kids) took to her Instagram to clap back at netizens who had criticised her in the past. At the same time, she also reminded the public to not to get “too excited” when travelling across the state.

In the long post, the “Gol & Gincu” actress was also seen leaving a message for a few fellow artistes in the local showbiz to stop poking their nose into other people’s affairs. Though she didn’t drop any specific names, Lana appeared to call for those public figures to mind their own business and also stop discriminating others.

“Please move on. Don’t be a busybody. Just do your job acting in TV dramas, enough with all the politic dramas. The people in the industry are already disgusted with your stories. Almost everyday, I notice you discriminating other people,” Lana (full name Mazlina Hassan Nodin) expressed.

As for Rita Rudaini, the 45-year-old made it clear that she doesn’t mind not being able to travel interstate. “For me, going back to hometown, travelling interstate, flying abroad, or even dining in at a restaurant are not important. What’s important to me now is my health. That’s my basic need at the moment,” she wrote on her IG Story.


She then proceeded to call her haters out, saying, “Despite the fact that these people are allowed to travel interstate and to dine-in at a restaurant, there are still some who are overly jealous of me. Hahahaha you guys are the funny. Best joke ever!”

“I pray for those to travel across the state, the country, the planet and even the universe safely. We are fellow Muslims. Why are everyone behaving like these (criticising others) these days? Aren’t you guys tired of putting others on blast?” the “Mami Jarum” star continued in another social media update.

“We’re supposed to work together to combat the Covid-19 pandemic. But nowadays, even the Muslims are fighting against one another,” Rita added in her post. Not only that, she also sarcastically remarked that those who left malicious remarks towards her were actually reciting their zikir (remembering God).

Here’s what Rita said:


Apart from Lana and Rita, there are sadly more famous figures who are openly against the Covid-19 vaccine. For those wondering, check out the full list of those who refuse to get vaccinated here.

Sources: Oh MediaKosmo.


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