Actress Nadia Brian Slammed Over Westernised Bridal Shower Party

Actress Nadia Brian Slammed Over Westernised Bridal Shower Party

Malaysian celebrity-entrepreneur Nadia Brian caused quite a stir on the internet, thanks to her recent posts on her Instagram account.

The 28-year-old actress recently shared with her fans photos of her bridal shower party on social media. The event was attended by her close friends such as Hannah Delisha and  Ainul Aishah, to name a few.

Dressed in a red low-neck slip dress, Nadia (full name Nadia Najwa Mohamed Rashidi)’s appearance during the occasion has received mixed reactions from everyone. While some praised her on-point looks, other netizens decided to call her out to express their disappointment over her choice of clothing – which was deemed overly sexy.

Some even pointed out a scene where Nadia was dipping herself in a pool. In this case, they felt that the “Lelakimu Yang Dulu” actress appeared to be too westernised during the event. Not only that, some also felt sorry towards Nadia’s future husband, Muizz Nasruddin over his fiancee’s free lifestyle.

As a response to the backlash, Nadia finally came out with her statement to clarify the ongoing issue. “I think (the photos) are normal. It’s not too sexy. It became an issue after this one blogger decided to make use of netizens’ comments as the main title of his/her article. That might lead to everyone’s misleading of the whole situation,” the starlet told mStar.

Not only that, she also revealed that she will take legal action against this specific troll who made use of “liang lahad” (grave) in his/her comments online. “I feel that the comment is too much! Their actions might ruin my reputation as an actress as well as entrepreneur,” she further added.

Source: Instagram

Nadia and her beau Muizz is set to tie the knot this coming 9th November. Congrats in advance to the bride and groom-to-be. <3

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